Navigate Transactions with Smart Routing

Our intelligent system evaluates all available options against your set parameters and chooses the best pathways tailored to your rules. This level of details ensures the highest level of transaction approvals and delivers unparalleled consistency.

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enhanced APPROVALS with Intelligent Transactions In an ideal world, every transaction would process seamlessly. However, technical glitches, surpassed PSP limits, and unexpected challenges can cause transaction declines. With our Smart Routing feature, not only does our system intelligently redirect a faltering payment to an alternative gateway for processing but it also empowers you to create and customize your own routing rules, ensuring a tailored solution for your needs.
Driving Your Payments, the Smart Way 4 Key Mechanics.
Smart Card Handling Not all payment cards are equal and different cards get different treatments. For cards that need a security step (like 3D secure), our system waits for that extra check. For other cards, it's a straight path to approval.
Single Entry, Multiple Gateways Customers put in their card details just once. From there, our system checks multiple payment pathways one after the other. If one doesn't work? It quietly moves to the next one, making sure payments have the best chance of going through.
Safety First Every payment goes through a thorough check to ensure it's legitimate. If something seems off or a card is flagged as lost or stolen, the system intervenes immediately. We go the extra mile to ensure both your and your customer's safety, making secure transactions our paramount concern.
Flexible Gateway Configuration We understand that every business is unique. You have the flexibility to customize your payment paths. Choose your preferred options, implement special rules, and adjust limits to align perfectly with your business needs, ensuring optimized payment flow.
NEVER SKIP A BEAT Built-in Redundancy Protection Our Smart Routing system is designed with a fail-safe mechanism. If one gateway experiences issues, our infrastructure instantly identifies the anomaly and reroutes the transaction to another operational gateway. Our safeguard solution means your business and customers can rely on consistent performance.
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