Recover Payments with Open Banking

Leveraging the latest industry data-sharing practices, our advanced integration utilizes contemporary open banking-based cascading methods to convert failed transactions into successful ones, enhancing payment efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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seamless user experience at every turn Immediate Response to Declined Transactions A transaction might not always go as planned. Instead of presenting a decline to your customer, our system offers an intuitive alternative. A new window promptly offers the chance to retry with Open Banking. This immediate response retains your customers within the transaction, ensuring recovered declines and a smooth end to the payment.
Key Features Seamless Integration with Open Banking.
Instant Recovery At the first sign of a transaction hiccup, our system immediately intervenes. Instead of a decline notification, customers see a new window offering a seamless retry via Open Banking, ensuring they remain engaged.
Manual Gateway Selection Our system gives you the capability to manually select the best gateway for you, allowing for optimized payment routes and increased success rates.
Safety First Every payment goes through a thorough check to ensure it's legitimate. If something seems off or a card is flagged as lost or stolen, the system intervenes immediately. We go the extra mile to ensure both your and your customer's safety, making secure transactions our paramount concern.
Data-Driven Insights Beyond transaction processing, our system provides valuable analytics. Understand why declines happen, adjust your approach based on real-time data, and continually refine your payment processes for better outcomes.
user-centric implementation Enrich your Customer Experience By offering both manual and automatically smart routed gateway configurations, our system caters to diverse transaction needs. The customizable payment interfaces present straightforward alternatives during any transaction issues, ensuring a streamlined payment experience for your customers.
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