Smarter Payments with Initiated Transactions

With our Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT) feature, you can easily initiate transactions on behalf of your customers using their saved payment details. This makes checkouts quicker by eliminating repeated manual data entries, and streamlining the shopping experience with recurring payments, one-click purchases, and automatic top-ups.

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Increased Approvals
Tokenized Encryption
Why Choose MIT? Streamlined Payments.
Efficiency in Operations Introducing MIT can lead to a more organized internal payment management system. For B2C businesses, handling a multitude of individual transactions daily can be daunting. With our MIT Dashboard, operations become more streamlined, allowing teams to focus on other areas of the business.
Robust Security The use of tokenization in MIT ensures data protection at every step. When customers trust that their information is safe, they are more likely to engage with your business. B2C businesses manage vast amounts of sensitive data daily; ensuring its protection is paramount. MIT's tokenization offers both your business and customers peace of mind.
Building Loyalty Customers demand user-friendly, reliable, and straightforward payment methods. By offering features like recurring payments and automated top-ups, you meet the convenience your customers are seeking. Over time, this leads to increased retention and a stronger bond between you and your clients.
Flexibility First MIT is more than just a payment tool; it's a flexible strategy enabler. Every business is unique, facing its own set of market challenges and customer expectations. MIT allows for the customization of payment methods to cater to these specific needs. By leveraging the adaptability of MIT, businesses can effectively navigate the evolving landscape of consumer preferences.
NEVER SKIP A BEAT Built-in Redundancy Protection Our Smart Routing system is designed a with a fail-safe mechanism. If one gateway experiences issues, our infrastructure instantly identifies the anomaly and reroutes the transaction to another operational gateway. Our safeguard solution means your business and customers can rely on consistent performance.
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