Payments Game Changer for your iGaming suite

Our platform is perfectly tailored to the needs of the Sports Betting and Online Casino industry, and is proven to boost your player’s transactions approval rates. Enhance your geo-relevant local payment offerings and embed payment experiences within your live games with us.

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Comprehensive Gaming Solutions Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT) Give your players the ability to make payments without leaving their game environment by initiating payments using their saved payment details or offering them gamified transaction experiences.
PAYMENT METHODS Geo-Relevant Cashier Different players from different countries pay in different ways. Offer your customers the ability to pay in whichever way they want, based on their geography and your preferences.
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Smart Routing Navigate transactions intelligently and enhance your approvals by routing your payments through the most optimized pathways available.
Decline Recovery Benefit from our advanced features that help you recapture transactions and boost your payment approval ratios.
BDCC Enable your customers to pay in their chosen local currency and our conversion tool will exchange with live rates in the background.
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