Enhanced Approvals with Decline Recovery

Leverage our suite for optimal transaction flow. With Smart Routing, insufficient funds retries, open banking options, background currency conversion, and session alerts, our comprehensive suite of features are key to your consistent payment success and customer satisfaction.

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up to 90%
Increased Approvals
Recaptured Transactions
payment SHIELD Ensured Transactions Businesses of all sizes confront the challenges of transaction declines. Drawing from data-driven insights, our solutions identify common decline patterns and effectively rectify them, enhancing your approval rates. Already incorporated across varied industries and scales, our methods address the unique needs of each sector, ensuring transactions that otherwise may have been declined are saved.
Addressing Real-World Merchant Challenges “I’m incredibly proud of how we’ve tailored our solutions to address real-world merchant challenges. Whether big or small, we’ve engineered processes to ensure every customer transaction has the highest chance of approval.”
Guy Karsenti
Chief Technology Officer
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