Superior Payments with Cashier

Our flagship product is a plug-in platform designed to serve both startups and giants. Access 540+ PSPs, 1000+ APMs, with smart routing and dynamic currency conversion. Supporting merchant initiated transactions and safeguarded with high-risk management tools, integrate our payments iFrame to your website.

Your all-in-one solution.

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MAKE IT YOURS Comprehensive Payment Solutions Our full-stack system is modular, adaptable, and integrates intelligent routing with top-tier management tools. Designed to be flexible for both geography and campaign specifics, it provides unparalleled control over payment flows and continually adapts to your diverse needs.
Signature Features Aligned with your objectives.
One Easy Integration Seamlessly connect to an extensive ecosystem of 540+ payment solutions. From premier banks and elite PSPs to popular e-wallets and instant wire solutions, expand your reach effortlessly.
Optimized Revenue Our refined algorithms ensure each transaction is channeled to the prime processor through smart routing, optimizing approval rates and reducing costly transaction declines.
Tailor the Cashier interface theme to your needs. With adaptable controls, effortlessly modify payment orders, prioritize based on geographical demands, or distinguish VIP transactions.
Virtual Terminal Equip your team with a single virtual terminal that unifies all your processors. Easily orchestrate complete payment processes with ease, ensuring transaction success.
Payment Management Effortlessly introduce new payment methods as you choose, set transaction limits, and implement geo-targeted tailored rules. Fine-tuned controls for peak performance.
1000+ APMs Utilize our continually expanding array of accepted payment options. With 200+ currencies and 1000+ Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) supported, global reach is achieved by default.
SERVING YOUR NEEDS CRM Connectivity Easily sync with the industry’s leading CRMs for optimal payment solutions. Our robust developer toolkit ensures you have the right resources for a streamlined setup and operation.
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