Bridging Currency Gaps with BDCC

Leveraging the latest industry data-sharing practices, our advanced integration utilizes contemporary open banking-based cascading methods to convert failed transactions into successful ones, enhancing payment efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Your Cashier Supercharged Dynamic Currency Adaptation Handling multiple currencies in international transactions often leads to customer confusion and lost sales. BDCC transforms this experience. Customers view and pay in their own currency, while our system seamlessly handles conversions in the background for higher approval rates. Plus, BDCC is customizable to match your specific business requirements.
Empowering Global Commerce 4 Integral Components.
Background Currency Identification As soon as a transaction is initiated, BDCC probes it for currency details. It checks whether the transaction's currency is supported by the chosen gateway.
Configurable Settings BDCC isn't a one-size-fits-all tool and you aren't left in the dark. The system provides controls at both the application and gateway levels. You decide which currencies you want BDCC to manage, and how. Our intuitive interface grants you complete control over its operation.
Increased Transaction Approvals By converting transactions to supported currencies in the background, BDCC expands your gateway options. This means fewer skipped gateways and higher approval rates for international transactions.
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Transaction Confirmation Mechanism Transparency is key. When BDCC is applied to a transaction, an optional confirmation screen can be displayed to the customer, providing clarity and maintaining trust.
advanced exchange management Comprehensive Currency Support BDCC is more than just a tool; it's a business enabler. By handling the intricacies of currency conversion, it ensures that even if a gateway doesn't support a particular currency it won’t be excluded from cascading. With BDCC, your business is always open to the world, welcoming customers from all corners, ensuring they enjoy a transparent and efficient payment experience.
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