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DevOps Engineer

Limassol, Cyprus


Primary responsibilities include troubleshooting, diagnosing and fixing production software issues, developing monitoring solutions, performing software maintenance and configuration, Infrastructure provisioning automation (Terraform/Cloudformation), using deployment tools (Jenkins, ArgoCD), writing scripts (bash / python / etc) and generally updating, tracking and resolving technical challenges. Responsibilities also include working alongside development of software projects, updating/enhancing our current software delivery, evolving the software delivery architecture, automation of support processes and documentation of our infrastructure.

The ideal candidate must be detail oriented, have superior verbal and written communication skills, strong organizational skills, able to juggle multiple tasks at once, able to work independently and can maintain professionalism under pressure. You must be able to identify problems before they happen and implement solutions that detect and prevent outages. You must be able to accurately prioritize projects, make sound judgments, work to improve the customer experience, and get the right things done.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Managing and Monitoring AWS cloud & K8S (EKS) infrastructure.
  • Manage and develop our build software, build configurations and build/packaging scripts.
  • Participate in all phases of the project lifecycle including technical analysis, detailed design, configuration, delivery, and documentation.
  • Architect solutions to improve application delivery, performance and security.
  • Analyze business processes and identify opportunity to improve and align with strategic direction.
  • Undertake research on best practice guidelines and continuously strive to make improvements to the existing applications and/or systems, services, and processes.
  • Take part in Agile ceremonies such as daily Stand-Ups, Development refinement, Planning and estimation and Sprint Reviews.

Required Qualifications:

  • 4+ years overall development/infrastructure operations experience.
  • 3 + years of demonstrable experience with AWS cloud and containerization technologies; EKS and Kubernetes.
  • 2+ years experience in scripting (bash, python, and/or similar).
  • 2 + years experience with UNIX/Linux operating system.
  • A constant will to learn!
  • Experience with automating cloud native technologies, deploying applications, and provisioning infrastructure.
  • Hands-on experience with Infrastructure as Code, using CloudFormation, Terraform, or other tools.
  • Experience with monitoring and log aggregating frameworks such as Kinesis/Kafka, Logstash, Splunk, ElasticSearch, Grafana, Prometheus, etc.
  • Experience with Jenkins Build Server, Github/Bitbucket and other CI/CD tools.
  • Good understanding of networking and network security.
  • Good communication skills – ability to communicate clearly and concisely in English language.

What we might consider as an advantage:

  • Knowledge of the principles & patterns of Agile software development.
  • Experience working with databases, and distributed computing technologies.
  • Experience with Serverless infrastructure (such as AWS Lambda, SQS/SNS, DynamoDB,etc).
  • Experience with Payment Gateway technology.
  • Experience implementing and designing cloud native security concepts, DevSecOps.
  • AWS Certification(s) or equivalent such as Solutions Architect Pro, DevOps Engineer Pro, SysOps Admin, Developer Associate.
  |   DevOps Engineer Limassol, Cyprus