For over a decade, we’ve worked to build our agile and secure PCI-DSS Level 1 gateway solution. Now, you can offer your merchants a better way to process global payments with our completely branded and customizable payment gateway technology. One simple integration gives you access to a full spectrum of tools designed to help you remain competitive and maximize profitability. This includes access to EU-licensed acquiring, 150+ global payment methods, risk and fraud management solutions, and real-time analytics and reporting. 

White Label Technology

Payment Gateway Technology

Our technology empowers merchants to offer a seamless online payment experience to their customers around the world. Allow your merchants to effectively manage their business with secure transactions, real-time payment processing data, and powerful fraud management tools.

Card Tokenization

Remove the liability and burden for your merchants of having to securely store sensitive cardholder data. Our built-in real-time fraud detection engine helps decline possible fraudulent transactions while still allowing optimal transaction performance with Card on File and recurring payment options.

Instant PSP Deployment

For over a decade we have been investing in cutting edge technology, to create our proprietary, secure PCI-DSS Level 1 gateway. Our technology allows our merchants to offer a seamless online payment experience to their customers, whilst allowing the merchant to manage the business efficiently, via access to real-time data on their payment processing activity.


PCI DSS is at the core of our technology. As a PCI and GDPR compliant provider, we enable merchants to accept, store, process, and transmit cardholder data securely. Leverage our technology to provide complete peace of mind for your merchants.

Endless Pre-integrated Payment Options

Merchants can connect to our gateway solution through direct integration or via our hosted cashier. Based on the highest encryption standards, we offer user-friendly design, and unmatched speed for optimal user experience. PraxisGT offers flexible integration options to reduce the workload on their technical teams.

Unified Reporting
and Dashboard

Support your merchants by offering them full control over their payments infrastructure with our advanced tracking and reporting capabilities. They’ll be able to track and report all transaction data in real-time, giving them access to the big picture and command over the small details.

Enable your merchants to successfully expand their business globally.

Instantly connect to our processors partners, including:
Services are integration and data transfer only and do not include transaction processing