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Collaboration Between MultiBank Group and Praxis Tech Takes the Financial Giant to the Forefront of the Trading Industry

A monumental collaboration of MultiBank Group with Praxis Tech is underway.

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Why Selecting A Single Payment Processor Can Limit Your Potential

As a business owner, you most certainly strive to expand your brand’s reach, drive sales, and boost profitability.

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Praxis Cashier System Ltd. Clarifies its Offering

Smart cashier software giant Praxis clarified its offering today, explaining that the Cyprus based payment gateway founded by Amit Klatchko is a technical connector and not a payment processor, as it has been erroneously called and addressed by questionable online sources.


The Impact of Covid-19 On Online Gaming

The positive impact of COVID-19 on online gaming was crystal clear right from the start.

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A Brand New Integration: MiFinity announces a new partnership with smart cashier software giant Praxis

MiFinity, a global payments provider, today announced a new partnership with smart cashier software giant Praxis.


How to Avoid Chargebacks – 5 Steps Guide

Chargeback: it’s a word that strikes fear deep in the heart of every online retailer or service provider and for good reason. 


Fintech 101: Payments Glossary

The ultimate payments glossary, including everything you need to know.

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3 Ways to Boost Revenue From Your Existing Client Base

Most companies will find that they have a lot of money lying on the table when it comes to their existing operations.

Technical Insights

3D Secure 2.0: What you need to know

Within this complex online world where everyone buys and sells products constantly, there is potentially an infinite number of threats.

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How Far We’ve Come and Where We’re Headed: An Interview with Praxis Tech Co-Founder & Director Amit Klatchko

An exclusive one-on-one with Amit Klatchko, Co-Founder and Director of Praxis Tech 

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