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Praxis instantly connects you to all global and localized payment solutions through our powerful and customizable cashier solution. Instant integration to the world’s leading payment providers is just the beginning. Before we were technology providers, we were operators ourselves. We built our cashier to meet the pain points of payment processing that weren’t being adequately addressed. We built a cashier that is modular, responsive, executes smart routing, has built-in high-level risk management tools, and much more. We designed our platform to be customizable by geography and campaign so you have complete control over all your payment flows. We never stop iterating and developing to meet the changing needs of our clients across all industries.

Praxis Cashier Top Features

One Simple Integration
A single integration connects you with over 540 integrated payment solutions, from the largest banks and Tier 1 PSPs to e-wallets, instant wire solutions, and localized APMs. This is the fastest and most effective way to successfully enter new markets.
Boost Revenues Immediately
When it comes to global credit card transactions, there is no one-size-fits-all. Create customized dynamic smart routing rules or let our algorithm send each transaction to the best processor to maximize approval rates and minimize unnecessary and costly declines.
Modular and Dynamic
Easily change the cashier interface with click and drag icons to change specific functionality like payment orders for particular countries, VIP levels, or even set apart specific clients.
Virtual Terminal for Conversion Optimization
Empower your call center agents with a single virtual terminal in the cashier’s back office that unifies all your credit card processors. Make it easier for them to orchestrate complex payment processes and streamline more successful transactions.
Better Payment Flow Control
Activate new payment solutions in seconds, set transaction and velocity limits by PSP, and geo-target your rules for optimal performance. Managing several websites in multiple currencies, doing proper reconciliation, increasing approval rates, processing withdrawals, and keeping out the fraudsters has never been easier.
540+ Payment Methods
Over 540 integrated payment solutions at your fingertips and more added each month. No integration work required. Paired with our automated smart routing abilities for conversion optimization, your business will thrive in every new market you enter.

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