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The Here and Now: Embedded Finance Powered Businesses

We use embedded finance every day and it’s already transforming the way we all transact and interact with financial services. You may have blinked and missed it, but you interact with embedded finance technology every time you pay for a taxi via an app or use store credit to order a coffee on your phone.

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Top APMs in the Eurozone: Understanding Regional Preferences

Continuing our exploration of Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) around the world, we now turn our focus to the Eurozone. This economic powerhouse, with its diverse payment landscape, offers a unique perspective on the future of digital transactions. This article looks into the top APMs used across the ...

Top APMs in South America: New Trends and Established Players

As we continue our series of articles about Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), we'll take a comprehensive look at the trends, types, and major players shaping the APM scene in South America. The region has long been a promising market for a number of businesses, however, its vibrant landscape of online ...

Get Ready for Singles Day: Seizing the Next Global E-Commerce Opportunity

Singles Day, observed every year on November 11th, has grown from its modest beginnings at Chinese universities into a global e-commerce day of sales, dwarfing traditional events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Originating as a day for singles to celebrate their status, it has transformed into an ...

Praxis CTO Joins Discussion on Cybersecurity in Payments and Beyond

As a FinTech company headquartered in Cyprus for nearly a decade, we have witnessed the island steadily emerge as a hub for technology-driven businesses. With more and more tech companies establishing roots here, Cyprus is increasingly becoming a regional FinTech center and a hub of expertise in financial ...

“Cash is King”: Exploring the Popularity of Cash-Based Payment Systems

As we continue with our series of articles exploring Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) around the world, there is a definite trend we would like to focus on today: cash-based payment methods and the unexpected appeal they have across the globe, for various reasons.

The Pivotal Role of Payment Analytics for Online Merchants

Collecting, analyzing, and leveraging transaction data across regions supports businesses to make strategic decisions that optimize their operations and meet their users’ payment preferences at the same time. As experts in this arena, Praxis Tech provides the tools and insights to power this process.

Exploring Asia's APMs: Trends, Types, and the Brands Asians Can’t Live Without

Last week, we started a series of articles focusing on APMs (Alternative Payment Methods) around the world. APMs and their usage trends vary vastly between different regions. Selecting the right payment methods for your target markets is crucial when building your payments strategy and making sure you ...

Exploring The Globe Through APMs: Alternative Payment Methods Around the World

The world is very diverse in its cultures and ways of life, but also in popular payment methods. As digitalization and online payments have taken hold, they have significantly changed the way we pay for things. Alongside the growing penetration of credit card payments, Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) have ...

Praxis Tech Launches ‘Abandoned Transaction Events’ Feature to Enhance Merchant Conversion Rates

Praxis Tech announces the launch of ‘Abandoned Transaction Events,’ a new feature that supports merchants to boost their conversion and retention rates by alerting them to interrupted transactions, enhancing their re-engagement strategies with customers who abandoned checkouts.

Online Payments Seem Effortless. But Are They, Really?

Online checkout and deposit experiences nowadays are a breeze for consumers (at least they should be!). They find a product they need/want/love or enter an amount to deposit, and a few clicks later their payment is complete. Behind the scenes, however, online transactions are more than the sum of their parts ...

The Here and Now: Embedded Finance Powered Businesses

We use embedded finance every day and it’s already transforming the way we all transact and interact with financial services. You may have blinked and missed it, but you interact with embedded finance technology every time you pay for a taxi via an app, use store credit to order a coffee on your phone, or ...

Mobile Payments: Why Every B2C Business Must Pay Attention Now

Our online transactions are now predominantly fueled by mobile payments, and many B2C companies find themselves at a pivotal juncture. As an ever-growing number of consumers readily adopt and depend on this new mode of transaction, the need for efficient payment orchestration becomes undeniable. While the ...

PSD3 Explained: The Future of Payment Services in Europe

Electronic payments in the European Union (EU) soared to an impressive €240 trillion in value in 2021, marking a significant rise from €184.2 trillion in 2017, and this momentum in the payment services landscape shows no signs of slowing. As the sector and the number of its participants grow, the European ...

Lock FX Rate on Withdrawals: Mitigating the Risks of Market Volatility

Currency exchange rate fluctuations are like the weather: we cannot control them but can manage their effect and protect ourselves from the risks they might pose.

Praxis Cashier Events: Get Comprehensive Insights of Your Users’ Payment Behavior

In business, just like in life, getting things right often comes from answering one single question: What Went Wrong? Once we know where the problem is, we can fix it. Once we see the area that can be improved, we can tackle it.

Praxis Announces 14 Consecutive Months of Growth; Transaction Volume Doubled Over the Past Year

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Praxis, a leading payment orchestration software provider, is happy to report on its 14th consecutive month of positive growth in both volumes and transactions processed through its platform. Bootstrapped and profitable, the company has seen a consistent ...

Praxis Announces New Integration with FYNXT

Brokers on FYNXT’s platform can seamlessly access Praxis’ services within the platform.

Praxis Tech and Modulus Join Forces: Pioneering Payment Orchestration and Trading Technology for Global Markets

Limassol, Cyprus – July 26, 2023 – Praxis Tech, a leading payment orchestration platform headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, and Modulus, a US-based developer of ultra-high-performance trading and surveillance technology, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. Now, all clients using the Modulus ...

Praxis Tech Gears Up Towards Major Growth With Recurring Payments Upgrade

Limassol, Cyprus -July 10, 2023- Praxis Tech, a payment orchestration company whose products and services are primarily focused towards iGaming and Forex industries, is opening up towards new verticals with a major upgrade of its recurring payments feature.

Don’t Get Hooked! Protecting Yourself from Phishing Scams

Imagine receiving an email that appears to be from a trusted source, like the service you actively use, your bank, a well-known company, or even a colleague. The email requests urgent action, urging you to click on a link, provide personal information, or download an attachment. Sounds familiar? It probably ...

Looking Back at iFX Expo Bangkok 2023, by the Praxis Team, in Their Own Words

The iFX Expo Asia 2023, held in Bangkok, Thailand, from June 20th to 22nd, brought together industry leaders, executives, and marketers from across the globe. With a strong lineup of booths from industry leaders and startups alike, 2 stages of panels and discussions about industry trends and innovative ...

Boosting Merchant Approval Ratios in the iGaming Industry: BDCC for Seamless Decline Recovery

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses must adapt to stay ahead. At Praxis, our strategy this year revolves around decline recoveries, aiming to enhance the approval ratios of our valued merchants. We understand that maximizing revenue and improving customer experiences are vital aspects of success. ...

Unlocking New Markets: How Local Payment Methods Can Help Expand Your Business Globally

As a global online merchant, expanding your business to new markets is an important step towards increasing revenue and reaching a wider audience. However, one of the biggest challenges when entering new markets is catering to the unique payment preferences of consumers in different regions. This is where ...

Maximizing Profit While Minimizing Risk: A Guide to Choosing Between Sales, Authorization and Capture Transactions

In today’s fast-paced digital world, credit and debit cards have become our go-to method for making purchases. Whether it’s a sales transaction, an authorization transaction, or a capture transaction, these different types of card transactions play a crucial role in the world of commerce. Sales, ...

Announcing Praxis Tech’s Extended Partnership with SoftGamings

We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our partnership with SoftGamings, one of the world’s leading online gaming software developers. This extended collaboration will allow SoftGamings’ operators to benefit from Praxis Tech’s latest features and product enhancements, including Merchant Initiated ...

The Metaverse: Exploring the Future of Digital Environments

Introduction Have you ever dreamed of a world where you can be anyone, go anywhere, and do anything without leaving your couch? Welcome to the metaverse, a virtual world that is redefining the way we interact with each other and with technology. In the metaverse, you can experience things that were once ...

Introducing Praxis Tech’s New Decline Recovery Reporting Feature

At Praxis Tech, we’re constantly working on ways to improve our platform and help our merchants optimize their payment processing systems. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Decline Recovery Reporting feature. This new addition to the Praxis platform is designed to give merchants ...

Future of Frictionless Retail: Building Customer Loyalty in an Uncertain World

Are you struggling to retain customers in today’s uncertain world? With the retail industry in flux, it’s more important than ever to build customer loyalty. But how can you provide a satisfactory shopping experience when customers expect both physical and digital options?

The Ultimate Guide to Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT): How One-Click Payments Can Boost Your Business

As a merchant, you know that streamlining the payment process is key to keeping customers happy and increasing revenue. That’s where Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT) come in. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explain what MIT is, how it works, and how it can benefit your business.

Navigating Friction in Retail: Balancing Convenience and Personalisation

As consumers, we all want to have a shopping experience that is as smooth and easy as possible. But what happens when that experience is disrupted by frictions, such as high delivery costs, long wait times, and stock shortages? In this article, we’ll explore the concept of frictionless retail and how it’s ...

Praxis Tech and Groove Take Their Partnership to the Next Level

Praxis Tech Ltd. is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Groove Gaming, a leading iGaming platform and aggregator. The partnership will see the integration of Praxis’ advanced payment orchestration platform into Groove Gaming’s turnkey merchants, offering a more efficient and customizable payment ...

Introducing Background Dynamic Currency Conversion for Merchants

Before BDCC: The Struggles of International Transactions Let’s face it: international transactions can be extremely difficult. You must not only consider shipping and customs fees, but also the perilous world of currency conversion. It can be difficult to calculate the exchange rate on the fly, and you don’t ...

Tokenization: The Secure Way to Manage Payment Information

In today’s digital world, making and accepting payments online has become commonplace. However, with this convenience comes the risk of fraud and data theft. As a result, it’s more important than ever to use secure and reliable payment processing methods. This is where Tokenization comes in.

Navigating Cross-Border Payment Regulations: A Guide for Merchants

Extending your business beyond your borders is critical for growth and success in today’s global economy. However, cross-border payments can be difficult, especially when dealing with complex regulations and compliance requirements. Failure to follow these regulations can result in costly fines and ...

Streamlining Payment Processing: The Benefits of Payment Orchestration for Businesses

Let’s talk about payment orchestration – the cool process that helps businesses make payment processing easier, faster, and way more efficient!

How Smart Routing Can Improve Approval Ratios

Payment declined. That is one phrase all customers hate to see, no matter the reason. In 2019, customers whose payments were declined took their business elsewhere, accounting for $13 billion. Many gave up on the purchase entirely, costing merchants, acquirers, issues, and processors $7.6 billion.

Announcement: Praxis Tech New Representative Office Based in the Heart of Dubai

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve opened a new representative office in the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay! As a leading payment orchestration platform, we have grown exponentially over the past few years, offering merchants access to over 525 PSPs and 1000+ APM solutions with our integration. The new ...

Immersive Technologies Will Change the Way We Shop Online

Immersive technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, are revolutionizing the way we shop online; becoming more interactive and engaging, while giving customers a more realistic shopping experience.

Valentine’s Day Online Payment Trends: Tips to Boost Your Sales

Valentine’s Day is a time when many people show their loved ones how much they care through gifts and gestures of affection. As technology continues to advance, more and more people are turning to online platforms to make purchases for these gifts and gestures. In this article, we will take a look at some of ...

Hosted Payment Fields: The Future of Secure Online Payments

Online transactions have become an integral part of modern business, and with this increase in e-commerce, there is a growing need for secure payment methods. Hosted payment fields provide a convenient and secure way for customers to make payments online, without exposing their sensitive information to ...

The Year of Women’s Sport

Sport enthusiasts rejoice! 2023 is the year of women’s sport. From football to volleyball, women’s sports have been gaining momentum, skyrocketing them into the forefront of business’ minds.

New Years Resolutions on Consumer Behavior

New year, new me – new consumer behavior. New year’s resolutions emphasize health, fitness, hobbies, living better, and more. These have a huge impact on how people spend their money across various markets. Engage with these resolution-related trends and you can gain useful and lucrative insights into your ...

The Importance of Holidays Around the World in Online Payments

Holiday online spending surges are real and incredibly lucrative – if you’re prepared. Merchants in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada usually get to rake in the most profit, since these three countries have the most year-end holiday spending spirit.

The Psychology of Payments in Trading

Did you know that a huge 60% of trading is actually psychological, with the other 40% made up by Strategy and Money Management combined?

Psychology of Online Payments for Gaming: The Millennial Way

In recent years, the rise of the online casino and independent online gambling games has been propelled to new (and sometimes positively unexpected) heights. Consistent research shows that 96% to 98% of gamblers fall into the recreational gambler or social gambler category—people who are considered healthy ...

The Mystery of the Metaverse

Let’s start from the top. What is the metaverse?

Customer Success Managers

Meet our #PeopleBehindPraxis If you’re already working with Praxis then you’ll be very familiar with our incredible Customer Success team. For those of you who aren’t working with us yet, these are the people in direct contact with our merchants for whatever they need, whenever they need it!

Praxis On Tour

The sun is setting on 2022 and it has been a very successful year of international opportunities so far! The Forex Expo in Dubai has recently come to an end and Praxis gained some invaluable information whilst in attendance. With expo fever still in the air, we thought it would be the perfect time to share ...

The Power of Temptation – Impulse Buying

E-commerce has revolutionized the shopping experience. It is now easier than ever to buy whatever you want, from wherever you are, at any time of the day! This ease of accessibility fuels the impulses of dedicated shoppers who are seeking out some retail therapy. Impulse buying causes consumers to buy stuff ...

Becoming an Eco Friendly Business

Did you know that 87% of consumers will purchase from a company that advocates for an issue they care about, and 73% would stop purchasing from a company that doesn’t care about climate change.

Let Praxis #PowerYourCrypto

Love it or hate it, crypto is said to replace traditional money completely in the future – is your business ready?

When it Comes to Credit Cards, One Size Doesn’t Fit All. How Do You Choose The Right Fit?

There are enough credit cards in circulation to span the Earth more than 3.5 times. And yet, businesses still face issues with CC deposits. Physical credit cards are the same size all over the world, but credit card deposits are no longer one size fits all.

The Future of APMs

Have you ever put something into your virtual cart, only to realize that the seller takes a payment method that requires you to fetch your wallet, whether for cash or your credit card info? Or worse, they don’t accept your payment methods in the first place.

Praxis Releases #PowerYourPlanet Campaign

At Praxis, we’re realizing there is no bigger priority than our planet. That’s why we’re excited to announce our #PowerYourPlanet campaign – lending the earth a helping hand. After all, what’s more important than solving the most critical challenges of today and tomorrow.

Data and its Impact on Global Scaling

Having a business that spans many countries, cultures and varied personal needs is a dream many aspire to have. Through Praxis, you can make that dream a reality! Global scaling, or the process of growing your business multi-nationally, is a key component to the success of any major company. However, this is ...

Praxis Cements Partnership with Gaming Software Giant, SoftSwiss.

Praxis is pleased to announce its latest partnership with the software development gaming giant, SOFTSWISS. As an omni-channel gateway provider, Praxis Tech’s extensive portfolio of PSPs and unrivaled cashier promises to ensure extensive global scaling opportunities for SOFTSWISS. Thus opening the door to ...

Optimizing Your Checkout Page – Keeping Your Cashier Simple and Effective

A lot of research and testing goes into optimizing a checkout page, and perfecting the cashier is no different. If you succeed, it means more conversions and happier customers!

Optimizing Your Checkout Page – One-Click Payments

1-click checkout is just as convenient as it sounds – customers only need to click once to make a purchase. Convenience leads to fewer abandoned carts, more revenue, and happier shoppers.

Optimizing Your Checkout Page – Mobile Payments

Online shopping is fun and more successful than ever. The problem is that if the checkout process is inconvenient, many consumers will abandon their virtual carts for a Netflix binge. Adding to cart sparks joy – paying for it might not.

Optimizing Your Checkout Page – Limiting Shopping Cart Abandonment (SCA)

When online shoppers add something to their cart, it seems like a win for your business. But all too often, they end up clicking away in an unfortunate act of Shopping Cart Abandonment (SCA).

The Importance of Technology When Globally Scaling your Business

“Scaling up” your business isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a necessary step to growing your online company. Regardless if you’re a long-term entrepreneur or CEO of an e-commerce startup, globally scaling your business increases demand, and in turn, increases revenue without incurring additional expenses.

The Role of Payments in Globally Scaling Your Business

Growing your business in today’s world takes a whole lot more than it did a decade ago. This is almost entirely thanks to how the internet has expanded business opportunities and potential customer base. Now, businesses can look far beyond their region and even borders, to serve clients who value their ...

Challenges Faced When Globally Scaling Your Business

Before the pandemic caused a massive global impact, affecting nearly every corner of society, business was beginning to become increasingly internet-focused.

eCommerce Trends to Keep You Ahead of the Game

The world of eCommerce has changed dramatically over the last few years. Online web shopping has boomed, there’s digitized tellers in grocery stores and Amazon created the infamous Amazon Go; a place where the checkout experience is simply entering the store, picking up your shopping, and walking out. Driven ...

Collaboration Between MultiBank Group and Praxis Tech Takes the Financial Giant to the Forefront of the Trading Industry

A monumental collaboration of MultiBank Group with Praxis Tech is underway. This milestone is a reflection of one of the largest financial derivatives brokers and a leading payments technology provider coming together to create better-orchestrated payments ecosystem for their traders. This multinational ...

Praxis Tech announces its latest PSP integration with VirtualPay

VirtualPay is the latest PSP to join the array of Praxis Tech solutions that provides additional benefits to online business partners in growing their approved sales and increasing deposits for websites within the realm of online payments. Whether you’re an online business that is looking to launch a new ...

The 5 Differences Between a Powerful Cashier and a Strong PSP

Let’s start with explaining what a PSP offers and how that’s different from a cashier. A PSP or Payment Service Provider is essentially a third party that allows merchants to accept a variety of payments through a single channel. A PSP works with different payment processors to manage the monetary ...

Why Going Global Requires You to First Go Digital, with a Cashier Solution

To the undiscerning eye, the Covid-19 pandemic largely halted the increasingly global habits of the consumer world. Worldwide lockdowns forced masses of people indoors and away from social, commercial, and travel venues, and supply chain shortages and delays made it far less efficient and affordable to ...

How Far We’ve Come and Where We’re Headed

We sat down with Amit Klatchko, Co-Founder and Director of Praxis Tech to discuss his take on the current state of global digital payments, where we’ve come, and what technology providers will need to do in the future to help merchants maintain a competitive advantage.

Meet Praxis Tech

We’ve recently changed our name from Praxis Cashier to Praxis Tech. The needs of our customers have expanded, and as such, we’ve expanded our offering to meet the need.

PCI-DSS Compliance. To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

Okay, so here’s the thing. It’s not really a question. Most merchants simply aren’t equipped to properly manage the insane complexities that come along with PCI-DSS compliance. Protecting against the threat of data breaches with payment cards is no small feat but it’s completely necessary. Not only is it ...

4 Tips to Defend Your Business Against Costly Chargebacks

As a merchant, credit or debit card chargebacks are an endless source of aggravation. First, you’re taking a loss once you’ve accounted for the money coming. Then, you’re getting slapped with fees on top. Plus, and possibly more importantly, over time chargebacks chip away at the relationship with the banks ...

Where is the Fintech Industry Headed?

Partnering with a universal technology provider can help you roll with the fintech industry’s punches. As more consumers demand cashless and contactless payment solutions, fintech has become a must-have for successful organizations. In our modern, customer-centric society, fintech is the indispensable tool ...

How Fintech Companies are Eradicating Banks Longstanding Dominance

The world’s top fintech companies have completely changed the payments landscape in recent years. Prior to financial technology powering online payments, banks reigned supreme. Today, Fintech companies offer powerful Payment APIs to compete with traditional banking, offering faster transactions at lower ...

What is Crypto & How Has it Impacted the World of Fintech?

There are currently over 4,000 cryptocurrencies in the world, but just 12 years ago, the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, came into existence. While the true identity of its creator remains a mystery, the innovator who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto’s motivations behind releasing Bitcoin on the precipice of a ...

Cyprus – The Ultimate Fintech Hub

Cyprus is now becoming the world’s newest fintech hub and the go-to choice for fintech companies Small but ambitious, Cyprus has developed itself into a rapidly growing startup ecosystem.

History 101: How the Fintech Industry Came to Be

Financial technology has come a long way… Ever wonder how the worlds of finances and technology came together to form what is known today as Fintech? To enable improved security of financial transactions, upgraded payments systems, optimized customer service, and expanded scope, Fintech evolved over ...

PayPal’s New Features – A Must-have For Online Merchants In 2021

In order to be able to compete in today’s world as an online merchant, you must have the tools that give you the competitive advantage you need.

Payments API And Why Your Business Needs One

Having a payments API improves your clients’ journey, making it a must-have for any business looking to grow

How Payments Technology Can Improve Your Cash Flow

Balancing revenues and expenses can benefit your business in multiple ways. Integrating a cloud-based payments technology platform approach to managing your cash flow so that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) becomes Payments-as-a-Service is the way to go. Doing so, enables your customers to transact faster and ...

Praxis Cashier Announces a New Partnership with Delasport, a Leader in Gaming Software Solutions

International sports betting and casino platform provider Delasport will be integrating Praxis’ smart cashier software technology to expand their current offering. Providing additional benefits to Delasport’s partners who are looking to increase deposits and business transactions.

CurrentDesk teams up with Praxis Cashier to help brokers increase deposits by up to 20%

CurrentDesk and Praxis Cashier announced the release of their system integration, helping global Forex brokers to increase their deposits by 10-20%.

Top 3 Digital Banking Transformation Trends Shaping Our Future

nu The world is undergoing a rapid and dynamic digital banking transformation. Like all other industries, finance has evolved to keep up with technological advancements. With the latest FinTech trends prioritizing faster, better, safer, and smarter processes that prioritize the consumer experience, the ...

Praxis Cashier System Ltd. Clarifies its Offering

Smart cashier software giant Praxis clarified its offering today, explaining that the Cyprus-based payment gateway founded by Amit Klatchko is a technical connector and not a payment processor, as it has been erroneously called and addressed by questionable online sources. As such, the restrictions under the ...

Why Selecting A Single Payment Processor Can Limit Your Potential

As a business owner, you most certainly strive to expand your brand’s reach, drive sales, and boost profitability. Using a single payment processor can limit your audience, and in turn, slow down your growth. Establishing a reliable way for your customers to pay for the products and services received should ...

The Impact of Covid-19 On Online Gaming

The positive impact of COVID-19 on online gaming was crystal clear right from the start.

A Brand New Integration: MiFinity announces a new partnership with smart cashier software giant Praxis

MiFinity, a global payments provider, today announced a new partnership with smart cashier software giant Praxis. Following the successful integration, the MiFinity eWallet plus additional payment services are now available to all merchants using the Praxis platform. The MiFinity solution will increase ...

Fintech 101: Payments Glossary

The ultimate payments glossary, including everything you need to know The financial and payments industries are ever-evolving theaters. However, unlike spectators at a performance, when it comes to making and receiving payments, you cannot remain passively in your seat. Payments glossary can be tricky. You ...

How to Avoid Chargebacks – 5 Steps Guide

Chargeback: it’s a word that strikes fear deep in the heart of every online retailer or service provider and for good reason. Aside from being a huge hassle and time drain, chargebacks cost businesses a whopping $80+ billion annually.

The Fintech Industry: The 5 Things That Revolutionized it in the Past Decade

Traditional banking institutions have fallen behind as fintech startups have become the norm for new developments in software and rapid advances in technology. This reality has created an irreversible shift in the global financial landscape. Now startups are paving the way and banks and big financial players ...

How to Make Sure Your Online Business is Ready for Global Expansion

International expansion is a must-have for online businesses looking to scale. While today there are many tools and factors that make it easier to expand globally than ever before, it’s still not easy. Be prepared to face obstacles but be ready to enjoy increased revenues. Here’s a short guide that you can ...

Making the most out of the Covid-19 impact on Ecommerce

There’s no denying that this is a scary time for anyone who owns or runs a business. However, there’s also no denying that for eCommerce businesses, this period of quarantines and lockdowns presents an opportunity. Take for example the 183% increase in online grocery shopping from March 1 to 25th of this ...

A Simple Guide On How To Improve Your Online Business

Nowadays, online businesses are opening up at an astonishing rate. Anyone with access to the internet, will probably at some point tries to generate some sort of income through it. The thing is, anyone can succeed up to some extent, but not necessarily have the knowledge necessary to improve their online ...

Praxis Cashier Onsite At iFX EXPO

Praxis Cashier, the leading Cyprus-based provider of online payment software and solutions, announced today that for the third consecutive year it will be participating in the iFX EXPO which runs from 21-23 May in Limassol.

Praxis Announces Exciting New Partnership with Device-based Fraud Detection Innovator iOvation

Smart cashier software giant Praxis announced today a strategic partnership with iOvation, a TransUnion company specializing in device-based fraud detection solutions. iOvation’s world-renowned device intelligence technology will provide Praxis merchants with advanced, real-time fraud detection and ...

Praxis to Provide BOSS. Gaming With Cashier Payment Software to Expand Their Product Offering

Smart cashier software giant Praxis announced today a new cooperation with BOSS. Gaming Solutions, a world-class software developer and provider of high-quality online and land-based gaming solutions. The BOSS. platform is a full-product suite designed to enable online casino businesses to be launched from ...

Praxis Now Providing With Smart Cashier Software to Increase Deposits

Smart cashier software giant Praxis announced today a new collaboration with international online Forex and CFD trading firm ICM, a reputable award-winning global market leader offering 24-hour access to a broad range of trading products including foreign exchange, commodities, futures and indices ...

Praxis Cashier Launches Seamless Access to SafeCharge’s Broad Alternative Payment Method Portfolio

Praxis Cashier System Ltd. , a leading provider of smart cashier and payment software for the Fintech industry, today announced it has entered a technology-based working relationship with SafeCharge International Group Ltd.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Smart Cashier Software

Smart cashier software is designed to make high-risk processing difficulties a thing of the past.

Proper risk management essential for FinTech businesses

An online search for the meaning of “risk management” produces a variety of definitions, with some that are sector-specific.

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How Far We’ve Come and Where We’re Headed

We sat down with Amit Klatchko, Co-Founder and Director of Praxis Tech to discuss his take on the current state of global digital payments, where we’ve come, and what technology providers will need to do in the future to help merchants maintain a competitive advantage.