Praxis Research Team

Praxis Research Team

Research Team

Carefully curated with excellence in mind, the Praxis Research Team brings together a collection of some of the finest minds in the payments industry.

The Praxis Research team consists of more than 15 industry veterans with extensive experience in Finance, Gaming, eCommerce, Travel, Technology and Marketing – to cater to all of our merchants perfectly.

Our research team examines and explores topics to ensure that our clients can globally scale their business with ease, whereby we do the hard work so you don’t have to. Our team of industry professionals has extensive insight into understanding how payments can be used as a tool to enter into new or emerging markets, enhance your current client portfolio’s performance and allow you to extend your existing client base.

With the Praxis Research team at your fingertips you’ve got the knowledge and you’ve got the power… To truly Power Your Payments.

Author's Blogs

The Year of Women’s Sport

Praxis Research Team January 24, 2023

Sport enthusiasts rejoice! 2023 is the year of women’s sport. From football to volleyball, women’s sports have been gaining momentum, skyrocketing them into the forefront of […]

New Years Resolutions on Consumer Behavior

Praxis Research Team January 4, 2023

New year, new me – new consumer behavior. New year's resolutions emphasize health, fitness, hobbies, living better, and more. These have a huge impact on how […]

The Psychology of Payments in Trading 

Praxis Research Team December 7, 2022

Did you know that a huge 60% of trading is actually psychological, with the other 40% made up by Strategy and Money Management combined?  That’s why […]

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