Guy Karsenti

Guy Karsenti

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Praxis’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Guy Karsenti, has an exceptional wealth of expertise in technology leadership and management. As our CTO, Guy is responsible for the development and implementation of our technical strategy, ensuring that Praxis’ technology aligns with our overall goals and objectives – to provide ultimate payment orchestration.

Known for his ability to identify new technologies that can drive business growth, Guy manages our exceptional development team to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of our merchants. With his extensive experience in technology and his strong leadership skills, Guy Karsenti is well-positioned to drive the Praxis above and beyond the standard in our industry.


Author's Blogs

How Smart Routing Can Improve Approval Ratios

Guy Karsenti February 27, 2023

Payment declined. That is one phrase all customers hate to see, no matter the reason. In 2019, customers whose payments were declined took their business elsewhere, […]

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