Amit Klatchko

Amit Klatchko


With over a decade of experience in payments, our Founder, Amit Klatchko, truly knows the industry inside out.

After graduating with a BSc in Business Administration and Management, Amit forged his path in the payments industry by first developing an in-depth knowledge of the Financial Industry that we work so closely with.

Developing an intricate understanding of the way Investment Firms function has enabled Amit to understand their complex needs to process payments spanning the globe. With that in mind, Amit has pushed Praxis’ products to have extensive functionality – serving our Financial Industry merchants to the highest level.

Branching out into eCommerce and Gaming, Amit’s extensive network has provided immense insight into additional functionalities for multiple verticals with a huge range of requirements.

As a keen surfer and self acknowledged adrenalin junkie, Amit’s need for speed perpetually drives him to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the payments industry – propelling Praxis to new levels of excellence with each passing day.


Author's Blogs

Amit Klatchko

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