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Optimize Your
Payment Architecture
with Praxis

Power your payments with the most advanced, reliable, and transparent payment services on the market.

Our Praxis Super Powers

Are you a Merchant?

Try our Praxis Cashier Demo

Create your own customizable, modular payments page. Tailor by: geography, currency, customer or virtually any other parameter.

Are you a PSP?

Try Integrating with Praxis

Become a provider to hundreds of Merchants through a simple and easy integration.

Get Connected!

Try our Praxis Direct API Demo

No need to replace your existing cashier. With a fast and direct integration to the Praxis API, you can access endless payment solutions.

Omni channel gateway to streamline the payment experience

Optimize Your Payment Architecture with Praxis
A Superior
Checkout Experience
Think global, act local. Increase sales by expanding your global reach with seamless payments in every market. Integrate instantly with our fully customizable and localized checkout solution and watch your revenues climb to new heights.
Smart Routing for
Credit Card Transactions
Meet your customers where they are. Go beyond localization to reduce customer churn and turnover. Apply our dynamic and innovative payment flow tools including smart routing, decline recovery, one-click payments for returning customers and more.
Streamline Risk and
Fraud Reduction
Providers don’t offer the same fraud management services, making it very difficult to implement a single cohesive risk prevention and fraud reduction strategy for your entire business. With our platform, you can customize highly detailed risk profiles executed across all your payment transactions.
Navigating the ever-changing, highly complex payments landscape is a daunting task. Getting lost can cost you your business but we’ve got you covered. Let us remove the burden of compliance so you can stay focused on driving your business growth.
Your White Label
Your business is built on payments. A strong payments infrastructure is the right mix of cutting-edge technology, commercial relationships, compliance, legal, and more. Make sure you’re starting your business off right with our complete White Label solution for PSPs.
Fast Processor
Gain instant access to the world’s leading digital payment services with our solution and accelerate time to market like never before. Add virtually any payment provider or payment method without the need for any additional integration work.

A technology-first approach to payments – A customer-first approach to clients

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